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An introductions thread --

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My Mood: An introductions thread --
Arrow An introductions thread --

I'm Karen. I'm hopeful.

I'm starting an introductions thread because I was worried that some people might not feel they could just join in and be a cheerleader...

Me? gosh.

I'm an old lady who's been bed-bound for nearly two years. (I have been out a few times.)

I had low B12 from stress. That caused nerve damage, which is painful in the form of peripheral neuropathy, and cognitive dysfunction, which is painful on the psyche level.

The cognitive dysfunction really shocked me. So I did a few web pages on how necessary B12 is... etc.

But... the thing is that once I had a bit of brain damage I had a lot more things go wrong because I wasn't thinking as clearly anymore.

I lived in hydrogen sulfide for two years, and that caused even more nerve damage.

Then I got tetanus, a central nervous system disease, which is what laid me low in bed.

Soooo, I am totally convinced that B12 is SO important because when our nerves and thinking aren't functioning properly, there is just too much room for things to get worse, really worse. Whereas if we were thinking clearly we might not make some mistakes that contribute to the downward trend.

I gained huge weight in bed.

But... Smiling now with hopes of losing it.
Do you know the symptoms of low vitamin B12.... ?
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I'm Jan. I've been nicknamed LS because nancy-h is older than me!

I've been battling weight all of my life. I've never been considered "normal weight" for my height. I would try a new diet, lose weight while on that diet, then go off the diet and of course the weight would come back on. I think I am addicted to food. If I know there is some "good food" out there (pastries are my favorite) I just can't wait to eat them! I need this support group to help motivate me to lose some weight, exercise, and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

I just hit the BIG 5-0 this year. Let's hear a YAY! I'm a widowed (1985) & divorced (2003) mom of a 29 year old daughter and 26 year old son and a "Dramma" to a beautiful 3 year old grandaughter (8-1-2003). I've been on SSD since August 2005.

I've only been diagnosed with all of these "conditions" since October 2004. The conditions are: Arachnoiditis, Idiopathic Large and Small Fiber Peripheral Neuropathy, Fibromyalgia, DDD, Osteoarthritis, L3/4 & L5/S1 Disc Herniations, Low Grade Cancer, Degenerative Arthritis Spine, Facets & Hips, Depression, Intrasacral Meningocele, Straightening of Cervical Lordosis, Diffuse Disc Bulge C 4/C5, Bursitis in hips, Emphysema, Migraines, MRSA, High Cholesterol, Hypertension, and IBS.

It's been a wild two years to say the least!

I'm glad to have found so many friends, who have turned into family, on the "BABE" forum on the other BT. (We called it the BABE forum because it sounded so much better than "Obesity and Neurological Disorders"!) We all adopted each other, I am so thankful for that, and I hope to add many more to the family here!

I can't wait to get back with the gang and meet all the new friends! The more support, ideas, recipes, tips, and friends we have, the better!

Thanks for starting this thread--super idea! I thank DocJohn for coming to our rescue too! I'm hoping he'll make this thread a stickie so everyone can introduce themselves, and we can always be adding to this and/or changing ours. Come on guys lets hear about YOU!!

Jan aka LS

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Default Let me introduce myself - "nancy-h"

Hello all, I am Nancy and one of the first members of the weight forum at the original BT. (Jan dragged me kicking and screaming into it. Just kidding.) It was so much fun and we were really rolling when - POOF - and we all know the rest.

I am known to some as BS which does not stand for the regular BS but means Big Sis. Since I am older (53) than Miss Jan, I am her Braintalk Big Sis and she is my Lil Sis. We met on Braintalk and have formed one of the most special friendships I have ever had. (Wipe the tear away.)

I have Small Fiber Peripheral Neuropathy in my feet, Fibromyalgia, IBS, DDD, Central Sleep Apnea and a bunch of other stuff. Since the Neuropathy is so bad, I cannot excercise. I even have to be very careful in the pool. So I found Chair Excercise and CHAIR DANCING!!!! I haven't used them lately but now I found new encouragement.

I have to tell everyone that this will be a very supportive and fun thread. So tell us a little about yourself and lets get going on killing some fat cells!

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My Mood: An introductions thread --

Hi, I'm Fancylady,BC,& Billie,
Now that is a list of names and I'll answer to about anything. I used to be called Funnyface and meant to put it in my user name and instead I had typed in Fancylady. So call me any of these and I'll come running. I am 65 yrs old, from Indiana and I am resently widowed. My husband Bob died July 18 of cancer. We would of celebrated our 47 th Wedding Anniversary Sept 26th. I have good days and bad days just like the rest of you. These gal's has stood by me during the sad days and there is nothing that could replace this wonder group of gals. They have called me to cheer me and let me know that I could count on them at anytime. They are truely my family. I also have an adoped son named Donnie. I don't have much family left execpt my husbands family.

I came over on the weight loss group on the old forum. At first it was just Gaye and I , I think. I don't know if it was over a yr ago or not. It soon grew and we had many over there. We all worked hard doing things about our weight. I and another gal put a lot of hints from Dr. Phil's book. others write of good hints. You would be surprised how intersting it gets. There are aways the "cheer up" ones that help on the bad days.

I am looking forward to all you new ones too. Even if some things gets repeated, that news is for someone for that day, so don't worry about that. Lets just all have a ball and learn to. Oh, Gaye is my adopted Sister, well not really, but we are as thick as two peas on a pod. Let's attempt to watch our portions and get started. Good Luck!

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Hello, yes Billie and I are truly Sisters! This forum got started because I was wanting to lose weight and asked on the BT1 spinal forum if there was anyone that would like to join me...the rest is history!

I struggle with losing and gaining. My trouble is when pain, boredom from being housebound (a lot of the time) and frustration hit, like a ton of bricks, I start looking for food to comfort and relieve pain. Not the way to go but it is what I do. All the fun and laughter with fellow suffers of overweight and other malodies make the weight forum a good place to hang out.

I can still remember the day Jan made me a cheerleader and gave me my great uniform! Wow, I was so excited cause in real life I am to shy to be a cheerleader. I would faint if I had to stand up in front of people. I have taken my position seriously and even make up some cheers in the past, which are corny and terrible. Ha, I don't care I still make them up.

I have lost 33 lbs and gained back 2 of them, so am struggling to lose from 209 to hopefully around 165. Usually I think of losing a small amount and reachiing that goal, I press on twoard the next goal. Right now I want to be under 200. Will I ever make it? I hope so. GC
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My Mood: An introductions thread --

Hello everyone, I am Suebabe from the old BT. We are a fun bunch of folks and you never know where we will go on our cyber walks.

I don't get nearly enough exercise so it helps to be motivated by the gang here. I am in the process of putting in a pool so I can go back to exercising in the water. It really is easy on the bones and can be alot of fun.

Watch out for these girls cause you just never know what will happen here, but I guarantee you will leave with a smile on your face and hopefully fewer calories in your body. Hey laughing is exercise right??

Have fun, lose weight, life is good...Sue
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My Mood: An introductions thread --
Thumbs up

Hey, everybody!

I'm Liz from the original BT forum, and for years, I tried all kinds of diets, but I only ended up putting back on what I had lost and LOTS of additional weight. Finally, last year, I was visiting my mom and went to a Weight Watchers meeting with her. Before we left, her hubby (whom she married when I was 28) made me my typical breakfast sandwich WW-style. It was absolutely delicious!! Since then (Aug 18, '05), I have lost 82 lbs!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even begin to tell you how much better I feel!! I still have a ways to go--another 60 or 70--but I have all the tools to lose and never be fat again. www.weightwatchers.com will give you all the info. It has changed my life. Just sayin'...

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Hello, my name is Megs. I am 33 years old. Married 13 years to a wonderful and the most handsome man, I know.
I came here....well, some very good friends of mine, told me about this great loving and caring place.

I have a host of spine problems, born with a spine birth defect. And I have an A/M illness.(auto immune sp) and horried spelling. Sorry all.

I have problems with muscle tone, and that is the reason I want to be a part of this great group.
With my illness, part of my leg muscles never fully developed as a child. But, I need upper body workouts. As I can only stand for about 10 minutes.

I have not been able to get on the computer as much as I like as of late. But, I promise I will try my best to keep in touch and check in as much as I can.

I look forward to making new friends here. As I have made all ready some wonderful friends. I am a people person. I love to talk, and make new friends.
As it is, with all of you, I never have to be the fake person, that seems fine, when inside and out, I hurt in so many ways.
Thank you for inviting me to be part of this wonderful group.
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My Mood: An introductions thread --

My name is Junie and I am almost 50 and have struggled with my weight since my 18 y/o ds was born and 3 years ago when they began the horrible steroid treaments for my back (which I have stopped) I became a full blown diabetic and started researching ways to lower my blood sugar and I found it through low carb and I do belong to a low carb forum but after the crash it seems you can't have too many home away from homes!
I posted very little at the old BT because I found usually I was ignored so mainly lurked and used it for info....plus a couple of years ago I had started taking via pm's with a couple of woman and the disapeered so I stayed out of the limelight.
I have lost over a 100 lbs with 30-5- to go...depends I guess on what size I feel best at and my blood sugars were fantanstic until right before my fusion I got a sty in my eye and the infection caused it to flare up so during my 10 day stay at the hosp I got insulin, 4 x a day but I am also hoping it will settle back down soon as the stress of my son's wedding this weekend is over!
I have not been able to exercise for a year now and I am 3 months post op and I am lucky to walk 10 minutes with a walker. I am also on a new med that I am waiting to see if it affects my loss but it affects my memory so if I seem wacky, blame it on the Lyrica!
Sorry for writing a book!
I also applied for disability in may on the advice of my NS as he said my back was a trainwreck and he does not see me being able to work in the future!
Back injury 1999, PN,DDD, Spinal Stenosis, Arthritis, Chronic pain, Lumbar Fusion 6-06, Pain Worse then Ever Since!10-10-06 Arachnoiditis! CES! now numbness from waist to thighs, bowel, bladder paralysis, self caths, chronic constipation. Left sided weakness! No appetite depression! Bed 22 hrs day!
Under care of PM 3 years. Diabetic, lost over 100 lbs was 300+, now 174 lbs. Normal labs, diet controlled!
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My Mood: An introductions thread --

I was skinny all my life until I had 4 kids, then hit 40, then got work injuries. {RSI/TOS/CMP} -that really slowed me down activity wise.

50 + yrs old, 5'3" and 165 lbs

I need to get my fanny in gear and get rid of my "apple" shape LOL!

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