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Gabapentin good bad?

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Originally Posted by Baddog View Post
Hi there, I have ulner nerve damage in my right elbow and severe osteoarthritis in my right elbow, I've was on on 3600 of gaba and 400 mg of morphine er before I had another arthroscopy, I'm now down to 160 morphine and 2100 of gaba but now I'm badly struggling with fatigue, today I've been in bed all day and I've been like this for months, up and down, if a get a reasonable day I seem to pay for it for the next few days, does this ring any bells with anyone ?
Yup...I suffer from the same... Pain double the vengeance n flairs for one day earned of slightest mobility...

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Default Gabapentin For Nerve Pain

Originally Posted by Pamissotired View Post
Hi I've just started gabapentin and wondering what I've got myself into.
I don't like taking pills, my dr keeps prescribing I keep not taking them... She made me promise to take these . So I am taking them I just don't quite believe her that there are very few side effects. I have so many issues that I always worry it's whatever medicine I'm taking so I stop taking it. This time I will keep trying it but I'm thinking it's making me more tired and depressed and not helping with pain. I've been on it 5 days 100mg at night upping dose next week to 200mg. Thanks
Hi there: I have been taking Gabapentin since 2002 for nerve pain in my foot, hands and leg. If I forget to take it, the pain is excruciating. I have spinal stenosis and osteoperosis and arthritis in my hands. Since the summer of 2016, I have had worse pain in my left leg from my buttocks right down to my feet but the worse pain seems to be in the back of my leg, the calf. I had an X-ray of my left hip and it showed some mild tendonitis but nothing that would cause this type of pain. I have had about 25 physiotherapy treatments where they apply heat on my back, give me accupuncture and TENS treatments. They all help manage the symptoms somewhat but don't make it go away. They also gave me exercises to do to help loosen up my spinal canal. Right now the pain is always worse when I stand up and walk. It is manageable when I am lying down or sitting. When I get up in the morning and stand up, I never know if the leg will support me or not. I have had mobility problems since 2002, as I have left sided weakness due to an undiagnosed neurological condition. They first thougth I had MS or ALS but after five MRI's there was no sign of that. All they can tell me is that they THINK it involved my central nervous system and may be an upper motor neuron disorder. It affected my walking, talking and my reflexes were very hyperactive as well as my nervous system. That has calmed down a lot compared to how I felt at the beginning of this journey. I would sit and watch my legs tremble and if I was near any eletrical appliances like the fridge, pop machines etc. it would set off internal vibrations that overcame me. I would lie on the couch with a cold facecloth over my eyes just trying to calm my body. I couldn't drive in the car and couldn't tolerate going around corners or up and down hills. I was almost a basket case not knowing what was wrong with me or how I could change things. They sent me to a psychiatrist to see if it may all be in my head. It was the best thing ever as he verified that I didn't have any phobias, had a stable family relationship, no addictions, no finance or work problems. I did have a rash that summer that was around my waist and moved up my chest. i also had a case where my both legs turned red, which was very odd. Anyway, I had lots of physiotherapy, massage therapy, osteopathic treatments etc. but they haven't changed the symptoms of chronic pain. They did help with the tightness and spasticity in my left leg, so that seems better. I also take a mild dose of ampytripline at night to help me sleep and melatonin. My doctor prescribed an anti-inflammatory pill to take as well. So, in response to the question of whether gabapentin works, I can tell you without doubt that it does HELP me. If I miss a pill or forget to take one on time, I will get those electric shocks in my extremities. This week has been bad as my whole left leg feels like it is asleep with all that tingling. I asked my doctor about medical marijauna in pill form and whether that may help but he said he doesn't believe in that so I don't know if it does or not. I have been gaining weight and retaining fluid for the last six months as I am not able to walk any distance anymore nor do I get any exercise. That's my story for now, I go for my annual checkup tomorrow, so will inquire whether I can get some new meds to help with this chronic pain. The therapists can all detect the difference on my left side and they seem to think it is coming from my lower back. However, I haven't had any back pain at all during this whole journey. Good luck with getting relief from your pain.
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I was prescribed Gabapentin and was taking it for a semi decent while.(by the way I suffer from NERVE DAMAGE THAT BECAME CPRS AND RSD if you are not familiar with it. Bless your heart because that's how bad it really is...) Anyhow Then my short term memory was getting bad then it became worse...I forgot to tell my Doc about my memory loss if it wasn't for my bf at the time.. I would not have been able to get off of it... Gabapentin was very not helpful...its different for everyone but personally if I can spare anyone the horrid size effects.. I can and will...
Please look further into it...read the materials from the information pages from the pharmacy...

Hope I helped shed some light..
Much love your pain buddy

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ger715 (09-26-2018)
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Default Gabapentin

Congratulations to anyone who was helped by Gabapentin. My wife took it on Doc's orders to control her Peripheral Neuropathy but had a really bad reaction so we had to drop it.
She took half of a prescribed 300 unit pill and when I went to check on her, (she was sitting in her chair"), she said she was freezing so I got a blanket and a heating pad and set her up. A few minutes later I went to check on her and the heating pad and blanket were on the floor and she was still shaking. I said, what happened? She said, "I don't know" and was really unable to communicate rationally. Zonked out completely. Couldn't get out of the chair or walk so with the help of a very strong Son and a lot of effort we got her into bed.
Needless to say, no more Gabapenten. I guess it helps some but not my wife for sure ! Now we are trying a plant based diet and CBD to help her. Just started the diet so we shall see if that helps. I sure hope something does because the nerve pain just takes away your quality of life. Nice to be here to compare notes. Regards , Geovani !
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ger715 (09-25-2018)
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I take 1800 MG a day. It makes me dizzy and the memory loss is a bad side effect. I am hoping that CBD can help me lower the dose. My DR seems to think it could to the point of removing gaba from the picture. Fingers crossed, should find out in the next month or so. Will report back.
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ger715 (09-25-2018)
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Default Just Joined This Evening

Originally Posted by glxpassat View Post
Any updates on taking Gabapentin? I was on it starting off with 300 mg 3 times per day. I noted the nerve pain was not as bad, but I was like a walking zombie.

My doctor wanted to continue but with a much lower dose. 100 mg 1 times per day. Well I'm stopping it as it's not helping at all, but the fatigue is there.

Would like to hear other opinions on the results of taking Gabapentin for nerve damage?

tia ~Becca
Good Evening / Morning All,
I just joined tonight, so please forgive improprities on my part.
Diagnosed with PN 7+ yrs ago that began as symmetrical numbness in soles of both feet that has progressed to severe PN in both legs.
Been on gababentine, 3200 MG daily, since initial diagnosis .
Stated baclofen 10+ yrs ago for c4-c7 injuries, 90 MG daily. Dr. started me on ropinirol 1 yr ago for related leg cramping, recently increased from 2 MG to 6 MG daily Very difficult for me to separate effects of combined meds from PN / spinal injuries. Balance is a problem now which I'm told goes with PN. Other than initial fatigue, none of these 3 meds have been problematic. Had meds others in the past that did give me trouble which I had to stop. The PN pain is constant but tolerable. Opiates were ineffective unless taken in such quantity that the sedation became worse than the disease. I'm still reasonably active but experience "severe cramping" when I've over - exerted .
I'm glad to be a part of your group and look forward to your insights.
Good night!
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