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rweidn rweidn is offline
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Join Date: Jul 2011
Posts: 28
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Angry could this be Trigeminal Nueralgia

Hi folks. I would like to tell my story and ask your opinions as i have just been informed by a doctor that he believes i have Trigeminal Neuralgia and this is making me feel scared. I have had a burning.stinging sensation in my face for about a year. The pain is constant, mild most of the time but flares up at times. It started with numbeness and tingling in my left cheek which spread to the left side of my jaw and my forehead on the left side. Gradually it spread to the other side of my face also. i saw my GP ( i also had some problems with tingling in my right hand and shoulder pain right side) and was referred to a Neurologist who examined me, couldn't find anything wrong but referred me for an MRI The MRI of my brain was normal and the MRI of my neck showed a mild prolapse disc which could have caused the problems in my hand. The neurologist said that the sensations in my face could be caused by diabeteic neuropathy though my GP was sceptical about this as i have only been diagnosed for a year and the condition is diet controlled and well controlled (NBA1C of 6.6). I am male, 43 years old. I agree that some of my symptoms appear to be similar to TN, for example the sensations are definately at points on the Trigeminal Nerve, i am more aware of them when out in a slight breeze. However there is a lot that is not similar to classic TN from what i've read. I don't get sharp stinging pains, my skin is not painful to touch, the sensations are bilateral. Also i tried Lyrica 300mg for about five weeks with no improvement and am on my second day of Carbamazepine 100mg so far with no difference. I have no problems with cleaning my teeth, shaving etc. Interestingly i have a gold filling/deep root canal which i had done years ago. The filling came out about six months ago and the dentist said there was decay underneath and she wasn't sure why.

I am quite stressed and frightened based on what i've researched on TN and would greatly appreciate any opinions or advice. The pain is not too bad but still unpleasant and the fear of this developing (though the intensity of the pain has not really changed as yet) is leading me to the point where i'm considering trying to find the money for private consultations. Thanks for your time.
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