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Originally Posted by Pinkfloydd View Post
Right down to it, I joined here just to share my journey.

I accidentally fell asleep in a penis ring 3 years ago. I had several erections per night at that time, so the ring really injured me. The next morning all sensation was gone, from the base to the shaft. I visited several urologists, all with the same speech- the injury cost me length, girth and sensitivity both flaccid and erect. To help, but not repair, the damage they gave me cialis and a (400$) penis pump. Did it work? Yes and no. It allowed me to have sex but didn't improve the actual injury. After months, I got back around 30% of sensitivity but with a painful lump on my shaft.

So I started my own research and I'm back to I'd say 90% of sensitivity, improved girth and length, not to pre injury size though. In order, these were the steps I took. *Like a previous poster said, I'm not a Dr, but I've been to at least 5 urologists in 2 different cities. None of them seemed to care about my penis as much as I did.

1. No ejaculation. I won't say how long, it was tough but I did it.
2. Castor oil. I used this as a massage oil. Please duly research this, as it has to be a high quality oil to be effective. Within a few weeks, the lump was completely gone.
3. Loads more H2O.
4. Cialis, pump, massage, pump. That was a routine I made, nothing more, nothing less.
5. More exercise i.e. walking and rowing.

After getting good but not great results, I sought out a penis specialist. Sensitivity had really improved, erections were firmer but still far less than before. So I researched more and more, around 3 years total. I found this procedure, prp injection, which claimed it could repair penis injury using platelets. It worked. I'm at 90% sensitivity level, I regained more length and girth back after just 1 injection. However, they are not cheap so please do your research. If it is cheap, it probably isn't real.

That's it. If only I'd known about the castor oil and injections when it first happened, I'd probably be past my original size! As it is, three years went by before I learned about the prp injections. It has worked for me, hopefully this tidbit will lead you guys down a good path.

Stay strong.

All thanks to AN Army vet Robert Schiewy, whose story I read a year after it was reported. Please research him, he led me down the prp path.

I am trying to get a hold of you to discuss your treatment, but at the time of writing this, the forum will not allow me to send a PM. Can you please post if you 'see' my post?
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