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Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome - Ant Bites and Watermelon

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Default Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome - Ant Bites and Watermelon

Hello All,

I have a question. And I have shared my experience below the dotted line for those who are interested. I was recently diagnosed with Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. It is a bizarre sensation and it sort of made me panic. I wish I had encountered more information about other people’s experiences online.

My question is - could eating copious amounts of watermelon aggravate Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome? The Doctor says no. She says the symptoms could be from a slip disc in my back and that more testing is required. She also prescribed me with Lyrica- which I did not take.


I love watermelon. I recently moved to Saudi Arabia and have been binging on the stuff. It's cold, its sweet, and its filled with water.

Last week I managed to eat an entire medium sized watermelon while watching TV, I had my feet raised up on the length of the couch. While watching I felt an ant bite the bottom of my foot. I brushed my feet but couldn't find anything. Initially, I thought nothing of it because I see these mean looking desert warriors, with their bulging abdomens and fearsome mandibles, running around all the time. Then it happened again. But where was he? The little rascals were launching guerrilla sorties on my feet. Then it happened again, this time while I was staring right at my foot!

I realized something was wrong. Diabetic Neuropathy, was the most common hit when I looked up my symptoms online. I assumed the sugar from the watermelon was causing the symptoms. Though it did not seem possible because I had my blood work done a few weeks before the incident.
Before going to bed I could feel a slight tingle on my entire leg (or maybe I was imagining it from the symptoms I read about), and the “ant bites” were a little more frequent and disbursed. The next day I could sense something, but by the time I went to see a doctor two days later - I felt nothing abnormal.

The doctor took a blood sample to rule out gout and diabetes. She also gave me a Nerve Conduction Velocity Test. Electrodes were attached at various distances along the length of my leg and then I was zapped by a range of intensities. The test was ticklish at first. Then it was uncomfortable. My entire leg flinched. I felt empathy for the frogs I zapped in Neuro lab when I was in college- though the frogs had the privilege of being unconscious. Soon I forgot about the frogs and thought myself a prisoner in one of Saddam’s notorious dungeons.

On my follow-up visit my doctor discussed my diagnosis for 5 minutes, and then the hedonist Russian tourists that flock to the Sinai in Egypt, for half an hour. Apparently Sharem-El-Sheikh is the place to go.

The Nerve Conduction Test revealed I have Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. She promptly prescribed me with Lyrica, and to take it once a night an hour before going to bed. Despite telling her my symptoms were gone, she said they will likely return and I should take the meds.

Lyrica. It sounds wonderful, like the name of a Siren that called to Ulysses. I decided not to take the medicine. Also my insurance from my new job has not kicked in and I have not taken any more tests. I plan to follow up on the expensive tests later.

I the meantime, I’m gonna try and limit myself to a quarter watermelon per day.
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Welcome to NeuroTalk:

What may be happening to you... is that you are allergic to something in the watermelon.

Watermelon's sugar content is mostly fructose, which is not metabolized quickly...but slowly over time.
Here is a nutrition site with the content for 154 gram serving of raw watermelon:
If you expand the carbohydrate section it itemizes the various sugars.

Here is another link showing cross sensitivities to various foods and other allergies:

Notice that those who have a ragweed allergy may react to watermelon and other things.

When that allergy hits, then histamine is released and histamine can cause symptoms in the skin. Flushing, tingling, or various other sensations.

Here is a site to read:
DAO is diamine oxidase. This enzyme inactivates histamine in the GI tract. If you overwhelm it with quantity, then symptoms occur. People vary in how much DAO they make and have available.

DAO can now be purchased, but its response is mixed. Swanson's has a version, as well as this website's version which is more expensive. (Histame). If you read the Amazon reviews you'll see some like the product and some find it not useful.

This is another site but is independent of any product:

If you do not have symptoms when not eating watermelon to excess, I'd seriously not suspect tarsal tunnel. Tarsal tunnel is forever once you have that compression, and will act up with certain activities, tight shoes and tight lacing, and be with you daily. If you test your foot for Tinel's sign, and get a positive response you can then look for further symptoms of tarsal tunnel.
Tapping the top of the foot with a wooden spoon or heavy handle of something will give zings on the nerves passing thru the instep. That is a positive Tinel sign.
If you go to YouTube you can see other Tinel sign videos, as well. If you suspect tarsal tunnel, there are ways to lace shoes to take the pressure off.
This is what I do:
In fact I use curly laces now which are elastic, and further protect my insteps.
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"Thanks for this!" says:
bigzeez (10-03-2012)

fructose allergy, neuropathy, sugar, tarsal tunnel, watermelon

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